Compaq V3658TU Windows XP Driver

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Compaq V3658TU build this model just for vista becouse hp/compaq doesn't produce driver for windows xp. so now you can find driver for windows xp this model at here.
V3000T for intel: click here
V3000Z for amd: click here
Just make sure to install UAA bus driver (sp33566) before installing audio and modem drivers.
Lan Driver: click here
if still having problems, read this link
Sound driver have a problem, already install uaa driver but still failed to install sound and modem drivers.
check in your device manager, you may found a yellow icons (except modem and sound icons) probably in PCI device, thats because incomplete installation process of UAA driver. Right click and update (choose to install automatically). After that it will detect your sound and modem properly.

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Anonymous said...

hi there, ive bought a v3658tu months ago, installed it with xp, and ive been annoyed by this one little problem.. whenever i jack in my earphones, sounds still coming out from the speakers.. why is that happng?

anonymous said...

problem with sound driver, please reinstall or update sound driver. compaq laptop is very difficult about driver.
for sound driver try here: